VO7, A Story of Passion

The fantastic meeting and collaboration of two Parisian enthusiasts who had worn out their soles in the streets of the French capital resulted in a simple achievement: the 'disappearance' of the standard sneaker!

This decadence sounded like a call that had to be answered before the disappearance of a 'once common species'. VO7, 'Original Version 2007', was born from the combined passion of our two sneakerheads and their desire to revive a classic sneaker style.

Maîtrise et Excellence en Fabrication

With the aim of perfecting ourselves and mastering each stage of the manufacturing process, thus allowing us to stand out from the competition.

We listen very closely to our customers, our products are constantly evolving and improving. Wearing our sneakers means benefiting from an original design, unique know-how, a careful selection of materials (cowhide leather, mesh, suede, canvas, etc.) and a
meticulous assembly.

This combination of passion and expertise allows VO7 to offer essential products with exceptional comfort for everyday use today.

L'Esprit Street Chic Réinventé

Since then, we have strived to reinvent the standard sneaker at an attractive price by choosing specific materials and offering an ever more original and urban vision. Both casual and elegant

Our shoes embody the streetchic spirit specific to the brand. Today, with ten years of experience and exchanges with its customers, VO7 tends to perpetuate its emblematic models by focusing on quality and design while ensuring that it respects the original spirit of the brand: sober products formal style and guaranteed comfort!