Version Originale 7

Launched in Paris in 2007, VO7 is a brand that offers a range of sneakers, clothing and accessories. 

From the beginning, VO7's goal has been to bring a breath of originality to the already charged world of sneakers. Under the guise of creativity, the sneaker market is flooded with weird and wonderful designs, and features increasingly less of what true trainer fans actually want to wear.

VO7 offers a return to the origins of sneakers. This vision, simple and yet unusual in today's world, gave birth to the Version Originale 7 brand: timeless, convincing sneaker models that transcend fashion and trends. 

Roma perfecto

VO7 offers minimalist, sometimes classic, sleek models to wear on a daily basis as well as more urban, street wear designs. Our style enables people to make a statement and send a message simply by wearing our shoes. 

VO7 is the first French sneaker brand to offer original designs that give absolute comfort and a totally hybrid style, allowing you to be both original and elegant. We choose to live with the times, but on our own terms.

VO7 is constantly developing new designs in limited edition series of comfortable and functional collections. 

Milan Square black

The VO7 team are true designers who are inspired by Parisian street culture

VO7 is above all, a beautiful story that starts its founders. Created by two sneaker and football lovers, VO7 has made the link between fashion, sport and urban lifestyles, to create city sneakers to wear on all occasions. 

VO7's design team draws its inspiration from Parisian street culture, to to produce a chic street range that truly defines the brand. The number 7, made famous by a series of world-class footballers, embodies the sporting spirit so dear to the brand's creators. VO7, because Style, Street and Sport go so well together. 

In 2017, after 10 years of existence, the VO7 team decided to refocus on the initial values of the brand and opted to breathe new life into its ranges.

This strategic choice has allowed VO7 to attract a global following.

Today VO7 is made up of a young, enthusiastic and dynamic team based in Paris. Of course, they are always stylishly dressed! 

VO7 has two dedicated stores in Paris, as well as being available to buy through other retailers in France and around the world. 

Yacht denim

Quality materials and workmanship

From the seams to the eyelets, not forgetting the alignment of the sole, no aspect is left to chance. We believe that the devil is in the detail.

Comfort is a top priority for us too, because putting on a pair of trainers must always be a joy and style over substance is in complete antithesis to the VO7 values. 

Manufacturing processes are regularly monitored and improved to ensure that your sneakers stand the test of time and can handle all that life throws at them. We want you to be able to wear our sneakers for years to come. That's why we look for the best materials and manufacturing processes for long-lasting sneakers. 

Roma production

Sustainable development is at the heart of our concerns, which leads us to choose materials and packaging that respect the environment. We always ensure that we comply with employment laws in our manufacturing workshops in both Portugal and South East Asia.

A pair of sneakers must be sold for a fair price, and while it is true that the price may vary depending on the materials used and the intricacy of the design, they must always be affordable to the everyday trainer lover like ourselves.


At VO7, the values of our brand, Street, Style and Sport, influence our collections and, of course, our actions. This naturally led us to collaborate with amateur football clubs. VO7 has committed to donate 5% of its profits in the form of material assistance to football clubs.


By wearing and using our products, you choose to defendthe values of Pleasure, Respect, Commitment, Tolerance and Solidarity, values that are at the heart of both professional and amateur football. For this reason, we collaborate with the French Football Federation and help new amateur clubs to source training equipment, kickstarting their development.