The fabulous meeting and collaboration of two Parisians passionate about sneakers, having worn out their soles on the sidewalks of the French capital, led to a simple observation: that of the “disappearance” of the standard sneaker!

This decline sounded like a call that absolutely had to be answered before the disappearance of a “species that had become rare”. VO7 “Original Version 2007” was born from the combined passion of our two sneaker addicts and their desire to resurrect a classic basketball style


This is in order to perfect and master each manufacturing step, allowing the shoes to stand out from the competition.

Very attentive to our customers, our products are constantly improving. Wearing our sneakers means having the guarantee of an original design, a unique shaping, a range of carefully selected materials (cowhide leather, mesh, suede, canvas, etc.) and an assembly meticulous.

This combination of passion and know-how allows VO7 today to offer essential products with exceptional comfort for daily use.

Une expérience acquise

Dès lors, nous nous efforçons à réinventer la sneaker standard à prix attractif avec le choix de matières spécifiques en proposant une vision toujours plus originale et urbaine. A la fois décontractées et élégantes

Nos chaussures incarnent l’esprit streetchic propre à la marque. Aujourd’hui, fort de ses dix années d’expériences et d’échanges avec ses clients, VO7 tend à pérenniser ses modèles iconiques en misant sur la qualité et le design tout en s’assurant de respecter l’esprit premier de la marque : des produits sobres au style habillé et au confort assuré!