VO7, a story of passion

The fabulous encounter and collaboration of two Parisians passionate about sneakers, having worn their soles on the sidewalks of the French capital, led to a simple observation: the «disappearance» of the standard basketball!

This decline sounded like a call that had to be answered before the disappearance of a “rare species”.

VO7 “Original Version 2007” was born from the combined passion of our two sneakers addicts and their desire to revive a classic basketball style.

Un A recognized Know-how!

Originally, we developed our sneakers around a few atypical models. After five years of intensive development and research, our two enthusiasts were able to identify the best production methods.

This is in order to perfect and master each manufacturing step that allows the footwear to distinguish itself from the competition.

Very attentive to our customers our products are constantly improving. Wearing our sneakers means therefore having the guarantee of an original design, a unique shaping, a panel of carefully selected materials (cowhide, mesh, suede, canvas,...) and a meticulous assembly.

This set of passion and know-how now allows VO7 to offer essential products and exceptional comfort for daily use.

Acquired experience

Therefore, we strive to reinvent the standard sneaker at an attractive price with the choice of specific materials by offering an ever more original and urban vision. Both casual and elegant,

Our shoes embody the streetchic spirit of the brand. Today, with its ten years of experience and interaction with its customers, VO7 strives to perpetuate its iconic models by focusing on quality and design while ensuring that it respects the brand’s original spirit: sober products with a dressed style and guaranteed comfort!